Where have all the good wars gone? The Stygian Conquests, the Wightfall Invasion... the centuries-long campaigns against the the forces of the Continuum... Battles that mattered, had consequence. In the final push against Sheragndar, I didn't halt the song of my spear for the full cycle of an Ultorian moon. The bodies in my wake, enough to fill mortal worlds! Hmmmm. It's not like today. Today's war is...tedium. The same fight in a different trench. Each stake smaller than the last. But there's a great war
The villagers sacrificed their last bull. Obviously, I felt compelled to help them. Damn the costs! But the witch's magic claimed more and more of the simple folk, turning them against their kin ? against even me! I slew scores of them to reach the hag's stronghold. But, once I took her head, every single possessed villager who was still alive returned mostly to normal. Yes, I expect there was much rejoicing as the families collected their dead... And songs in my name. What a sight!
It's hard... rectifying who I am, what I am, now. It's getting more difficult to tell where Slyrak ends and I begin... which means I'm responsible for what happened at Lethsham. A city full of innocent people burned alive. I don't know why Slyrak attacked, I may never know... but for the rest of my life I have to live what he did... and I have to make peace that people are right to hate me for it.
Maybe I shouldn't have given that kid in Hauptstadt the dragon's tooth... growing up in Dragon Hold wasn't easy. You call those men and women your brothers... look up to them, and then some of them just... don't come home. It's almost cruel: we give a home to those that lost families only to give them a new family that they get to lose all over again.
I should probably just tell Mirana how I feel... which is stupid because she already KNOWS how I feel so I really shouldn't have to say anything. This really shouldn't be this hard. Gods, why am I thinking about Mirana when I need to be focusing on the ancients...The ancients. One red. One blue. Mirana looks great in blue. Godsdamn it, focus!
My blades are an extension of my hands, my hands are an extension of my will, my emotions are a reflection of my actions, not the driver of them, and my mind is focused on the task at hand because a divided mind is a weak mind, this is the creed of The Anti-Mage, this is the law of the hunt. Boom.
Some people are starting to get mighty preachy when talking about the bag. So I'm not gonna do that. But if I were, you could rest assured, that these here proceedings, are absolutely in the bag--which has furthermore been stashed in a lockbox and buried in a secret cave!
What comes to pass when the ageless live on without change? Through what endless cycles does one waste a god's ambition? The selfish ways of my ancestors were long my ways...but no more! By my father's many MANY examples, the hollow path of my lineage has been laid bare!
Diplomacy? Ha! Why it's no different than war! Face off against your enemy and take measure of their weakness. Then, threaten that which they hold most dear. If they resist? Beat ?em to death with an olive branch. It's just another battlefield. Don?t trouble yourself!
Gods I hope that Mirana doesn't get sucked back into her little moon cult. Selemene is a narcissist, Luna is a war criminal, and the Dark Moon Order are abunch of reglious zealots... if she goes back to them, it's like she's learned nothing...
Someone once told me I needed to face fear to get over it, and I thought why not take a step further and cut my fear into little pieces then set my fear on fire then throw the hot ash of my fear into a lake and then poison the lake. Simple!
Though... you'd think I'd be getting ready by training, or sharpening my blades, or ya know... doing something other than sitting and trying not to think about anything which I'm totally screwing up and BLEH. Alright. Starting over.
There's a lot more we could do with the bag, if you ask me. Which no one ever does. Because why on earth would they? We're not exactly talking about geniuses are we? Honestly, there's a real lack of imagination around here.
I disown my heritage, and vow that the flight of my spear will never again be so petty. The pathetic mortals who have long feared my name shall have a new title to worship me by. Rejoice! For the age of Mars begins!
I should take Fymryn to Weeping Rose... if she really spent her whole life in Coedwig it would blow her mind. Oh man, I should take Marci too, I could introduce her to Wei, those two would hit it off like crazy...
One of these days I'm gonna go to White Spire with Axe and get drunk. Like really drunk. Like, let's get into a fight with a criminal mastermind and in killing them end up taking over their organization drunk.
The Temple of the Korumite monks was filled with scholars wise enough to study both the martial and arcane arts, yet humble enough to know they did not possess the wisdom to correctly wield them.
And whether she meant for them to suss out how to make it for themselves or not, point is they'd never in a jillion years've done it without getting their mitts on it in the first place.
What kind of plan is that?! If we wait for these idiots to finish chanting, the beast will be asleep and helpless before we even attack it. I've got a better idea... WE GO IN! AHAHAHAHA!
Do you wanna see my magic bag? It's got so much stuff in it. You wouldn't even believe me. Seriously. I have to show you. Like, even you're in the bag. And you don't even know it yet.
I don't agree with Invoker about a lot of things, but if there's one thing we're on the same page about it's that Selemene is a monster. The world would be better off without her.
I have long since lost count of however many fools and weaklings I have slain by pike, by horn, or by hoof. Though let me assure you: The process never ceases to be entertaining.
The boy holds a grudge, it's true. He is his mother's child. But we share bonds deeper than any petty emotion, and loyalty truer than the whims of a century. He'll come around.
The boy holds a grudge, it's true. He is his mother's child. But we share bonds deeper than any petty emotion, and loyalty truer than the whims of a century. He'll come around.
Plots and plans come to nothing when you're teamed with a bunch of loudmouths and losers. That's why when it was my time to make a break from Dark Reef Prison, I worked alone.
The Scrolls of Haize are concise on this matter: With youth comes grave responsibility. A thousand years of youth have fallen behind, and still I fill the time with games.
Luna says she's changed but I don't buy it. She massacred Fymryn's family. She occupied Coedwig and demanded forced conversion... it's not just wrong... it's despicable.
I don't know what to do with you Pugna... on one hand you like to burn mages. On the other hand, you're a mage that wants to burn people. I gotta think about this...
I'm not trying to be pedantic, but knights swear oaths, and chaos kind of stands for the exact oppositie so maybe you should come up with a better name for yourself.
I cannot undo what has been done. I cannot save those who were lost. But I will learn how to cross such great distances, and avenge the wrongs done my sister earth.
Like, I spent years learning how to transport through space by sheer power of will, and then I found out you can just go to a damn store and buy a 'blink dagger'?
Pudge had a pet once. Found a lil' ditchhog squirmin' in a heap o' slaughter. Had to sew a few bits back on him. But best friend I ever had. And tasty in the end!
Whosoever brought the fires of Mt. Joerlak down upon my kin, know this: You are craven. I shall track you down, and once I do, you shall die upon my horn. Slowly.
I have watched the dead cross over for an eternity. Many have I seen pass below, and beyond: kings and tyrants, peasants and knights, creatures large and small.
The last word of power, ever receding. The final page, ever unwritten. I have devoured all the grammaries this world has to offer. Now I write my own grimoire.
There's heaps of musty old spellbooks scattered around the Tomo'kan. Most of 'em are half rotten. But you might find something stupid enough to catch your eye.
For all my abilities, I have much to learn. When these wounds have healed or...grown over, I must find a greater power, and venture away from my beloved soil.
I found this in what was left of Roseleaf. The Bronze Legion thought they were going to fend off the Red Mist Horde. They weren't ready for what awaited them.
I've been around a few places n' one thing I learned: you got plans, you got contingencies, and you got the ace up your sleeve when the first two go belly up.
Look, I don't know if they have gold where you're from but in case they don't, the little metal coins laying around are useless. Just let me collect them.
but one thing led to another, a few months turned into a few years, and before ya know it, I was sucking down poison-marsh water with a posse on my tail.
But even in his dedication and pursuit, he never once presumed to have control over me... there's a reason he insists I call him 'mentor' not 'master'.
Course, lacking convictions while simultaneously manufacturing weapons of mass murder is a purty good way to find yourself in cahoots with a bad bunch.
One day the Faceless Void will realize this thing is missing. And when that happens, I'll turn it over before he has a chance to do anything about it.
Well, Treant, since I can't get you to speak any faster, I guess the rest of my questions will have to wait. But I'll find you when the battle's won.
Everyone just assumes I'm this super awesome ranger type, always ready to save the day. And that's not wrong. But there's a lot more to me than that.
Hatched on a frond of the Undertree, I devoured leaf, stalk, root and all of my sibs. Yet, only halfway through this Eon, I already hunger for more!
So Lion, does the finger ever try to take control, and you only barely manage to keep it from consuming your entire life force? Asking for a friend.
I won't mince words. I hate you Chen. I hate you and everything the Kinghts of the Fold represent... but today we're allies, and you can trust me.
Did you know the Ultimyr Academy has the largest mortal-owned Archives of the Arcane known to exist? Mortal owned... So there must be some bigger.
It's been too long since I've gone back to Dragon Hold... See Ritterfrau... see Kaden... see my friends. My family. I need to do them all proud.
From the Ghastly Eyrie I can see to the ends of the world, and from this vantage point I declare with utter certainty that this one is in the bag!
I'm not gonna lie, Sven. I had nightmares for a little while after Dark Reef. Talking about it helped a lot. So, I'm here. Ya know. If you wanna.
My worst nightmare. It's a dream I have. I'm in a square cell, glass walls, just me and a little castle. I'll take Dark Reef over that any time.
You know, you're right. It's important to take care of the mind as well as the body. It can't just be run run run, kill kill kill all the time.
already met up with Mortimer n' dropped my bad ways and all--ways which I had only come to truly adopt after leaving home in the first place.
Some folk are content just to have a roof over head n' kin to hold. But I gave all that up years ago. Yep, got everything I need right here.
And by the way, it doesn't even really look like a dagger, it's more like a ... swirly hatchet thing that spits in the face of my training.
I could have been a lowly grub, but by the grace of our goddess Nyx, I have been elevated to the highest state. Nor shall I disappoint her.
This age of gods will soon meet its end. As my father struck down the titans, I too shall strike down the vestiges of his archaic pantheon!
Listen Meepo, I'm not saying the Jasper Circle wants to kill you. I'm just saying that they're losing faith you're going to pay them back.
Believe it or not, there IS a painless way to remove your all your bones. It just involves killing you first. And what fun would that be?
Never come between a Gorgon and her sisters. I will turn your blood and bone to stone, and shatter you into a thousand remorseful shards.
For the Nivan Gallant such things are never in doubt. No matter the challenge you may rest assured dear friends. This one is in the bag!
Yeah I got a fair bit of luck myself. My uncle used to say I was right blessed. You know, on account of not dying like all my other kin.
There are others of his kind who share blame for the death of my sister earth...and perhaps countless other worlds bereft of champions.
Did you really fight at Stonefish Gate, Naga? My respects to your fallen comrades. May they rest easier now, with Siltbreaker's demise.
Count yourselves fortunate, mortals and other base creatures, you finally have a chance to be part of something that will last forever.
It's the smells of battle that stay with you long after they've ended. In Stonehall it was blood and sulfur, smoke, and rot and fear...
It's the smells of battle that stay with you long after they've ended. In Stonehall it was blood and sulfur, smoke, and rot and fear...
Hey what a coincidence. My first hard targets to practice with were little rolling rocks. I guess it prepared me better than I thought!
I'm sure the fighting prize you won is very valuable, Centaur. The talent in the kilometers around your home must have been staggering.
My mind is focused...real focused. Like. Really focused. You wouldn't believe how focused my -damn it I lost it. OK one more time.
Anyway, by the time I made it through the marsh and lost those in pursuit, it seemed easier to keep going than to turn back. So I did.
War of the ancients? Tss. Please. I've had to conduct an investigation in Weeping Rose, there's nothing scary about some glowy rocks.
I will serve faithfully in this battle, master. And once the Ancient falls, we will stand ready against the upheavel that lies ahead.
It's in the bag, mate. Yeah, go on, you see if it's not. Open it up and see if it's not in there. I'm telling you, it's a lock, mate.
Death Prophet we really need to talk. An exorcism is when you cast ghosts away from this plane, not summon them to murder somebody.
Did you know the Shadowgate Amulet can -- Wait. Really?! Second thought... We should make sure no one EVER finds out about that one.
The Jasper Circle always wanted to have it both ways. Naughty deeds mixed with professional ethics. It was never going to be for me.
When I was just a little bit, I used to wish upon shooting stars. Then I realized that was stupid and just learned to shoot instead.
Was I a splinter from a golem's heel? A chip from the Oracular Visage of Garthos? I shall not rest until I know from whence I came.
Was I a splinter from a golem's heel? A chip from the Oracular Visage of Garthos? I shall not rest until I know from whence I came.
Was I a splinter from a golem's heel? A chip from the Oracular Visage of Garthos? I shall not rest until I know from whence I came.
Was I a splinter from a golem's heel? A chip from the Oracular Visage of Garthos? I shall not rest until I know from whence I came.
Sure, we all joshed I was his mammy, but I really thought we were gonna eat him when he got a little bigger. Which he did, rapidly.
Hey, if you ever hear of someone breaking the Clazureme Treaty let me know, and I will stab the hell out of the mage responsible.
In a pathetic way, I sometimes envy those who get to wake each day in my kingdom... free of the worries concerning its expansion.
I know a thing or two about dangerous paramours... trust me my friend, the sooner you apologize to Lanaya, the safer you will be.
Every now and then some city-stinking crew will venture out into the brush trying to find whatever dumb thing's the latest fancy.
Very few mortals since have earned my respect like the Korumite. That barely a single soul remembers them is no small reason why.
Do this right and everything else is water under the bridge. Dust along the trail. And some other thing that's all said and done.
Throwin' hooks is a lot like life. Sometimes ya blind hook their carry TO DEATH. N' sometimes you nab a ravage-ready Tidehunter.
Alright which one are you? The one that owes me money from the courier race? Or the one that owes me money from the dice game?
A temple fashioned after a Korumite design -- far removed from the reach of all but those very few I permit to chance across it.
At first I'd sell to anyone buying. Principles don't get you out of a tight spot--and I sure was in one after crossin the marsh.
And while I do assert that their remembrances are a might exaggerated, I will own up to a smidge of impropriety at a young age--
Many are the soldiers, workers and reproductives of my colony. But I am the fourth caste. The assassin caste. The caste of one.
My city... The temple around the runestone... It was exactly as I'd left it. Still, lifeless... A sculpture of the end of days.
There's a bigger world out there -- full of people that don't even know the battle of the ancients may well decide their fates.
It's nice to see you've mellowed out since our last encounter, Mars. But still sticking with the whole god of war thing I see.